Thrill seekers wanted at Wall of Death


The Wall of Death is an iconic show that has been brought back to life at the State Fair after 20 years. Viewers can experience thrills, chills, and occasional hospital bills.

Wall of Death entertainer, Dallas Dan, said audience members can watch four dare-devils push the laws of gravity while riding around on motor cycles and go-carts.

“We ride them around the barrel all the way to the top, doing a complete fifteen minute long dare-devil, thrill show. There is a little audience participation, the building moves a little bit when you’re up top. We come within six inches of your elbow while you’re standing up top. There is nothing else like it,” said Dan.

This show has been going on since the early 1900’s, but the one found at the State Fair of West Virginia is one of only three that still travel around the country.

The crew at the Wall of Death lowered the ticket price to $3 so more people could watch their shows. They believed this is something everyone needs to witness before they leave the fair.

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