School is right around the corner, and whether you pack your kids lunch or they eat at school nutrition is important.

School officials everywhere will tell you, how important nutrition is for kids in school. So important  first lady Michelle Obama implemented a new school program to help kids eat healthier. A nutritionist at the Greenbrier County Board of education, and said healthy eating leads to better performance in schools.

“All the research shows today it’s very important to start out the day with a healthy breakfast once or once they come to school to eat breakfast to fuel their body for the day. they learn better when they’re not hungry and their stomachs not rumbling. they stay more focused up until lunchtime,” said Jenny Curry.

But what foods constitutes a healthy meal

“It’s important to have wholegrain products, and protein. We encourage fat free skim milk, we serve it here in our schools. make sure you have fresh fruits and produce, you know healthy choices to keep you fueled throughout the day,” said Curry. 

Officials say a healthy lunch could consist of low fat peanut butter on wheat bread with an apple and a bag of carrots. Curry says Greenbrier County serves fresh produce in their schools, many times buying the produce from student’s gardens or school gardens. She says it’s important to keep it local and get the kids involved.