Tips from the pro’s on winterizing your home


Weather you like it or not old man winter is upon us. With a week into winter season, snow advisories are already in effect for parts of the mountain state. As a result 59News spoke with workers at Lowes in Princeton to find out some useful tips to protect your home against the snow. 

“Basically you want to make sure you keep your drive-ways and your sidewalks and steps clear. Because you don’t want to face those falls of the early morning hours,” Kathy Havens said. Havens is the department manager for hardware and tools.She recommends keeping a snow shovel and ice mealt to keep your home safe. She also said it’s a good idea to make sure too much snow doesn’t fall on your home. “A lot of times people don’t realize how heavy snow can be and a lot of time people need to keep a watch on their roof really because I have heard several times of people’s roof given way if it gets very very deep.”

When it comes to the inside of the home, fire officials also say there’s a need for residents to take precautions.

“First and foremost stay aware don’t let one of these snow storms sneak up on you make sure your house numbers are visible so that if you do have an emergency at your home it’s easy for us to be at the right location,” Charlie Croy said. Croy is a Fire Captain with the Princeton Fire Department.  He added that it’s also important for residents to exercise extreme caution when using space heaters. “If you’re using any type of auxiliary heater weather it’s like a kerosene heater or some type of electric heater make sure you keep at least a three foot radius clear around the heater so it doesn’t catch any items on fire.”

 Croy also added that residents should not use their oven as heat source. And if you plan on using a generator, they should never be used inside or in your garage. 

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