Today Sets a Record Number for Travelers on the Road


AAA reports over 100 million people were out on the roads today (12/26) traveling hundreds of miles to get back home.

“12 hours, so it’s quite a bit,” said a Michigan Resident, Ingerburd Morrison. As Morrison makes her long trip back to Michigan, she says traveling through the mountain state has been a rough and foggy ride. “When we hit Virginia you could hardly see anything, it was frightening, I turned my brights on and took it very slow,” said Morrison.

Ingerburd was just 1 of millions of drivers out on the roads. All travelers can agree on one thing which is they take precautions to stay alert, especially with dangerous conditions.

While drivers take safety seriously behind the wheel, there are things they should consider before they start their trip. “Make sure that your car is properly maintained, make sure you have a full gas tank,” said the Manager for AAA in Beckley, Autumn Bess.

This will be just one of many busy days for drivers. “Between Christmas and New Years were going to see more travelers than ever before,” said Bess.

While everyone works to get to their destination safely, they need to be prepared for potential delays. “Roads are going to be heavy no matter where you’re traveling you have to expect to deal with traffic,” said Bess.

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