Trial Continues for Mercer County Man Facing Dozens of Sex Abuse Charges


The trial continues for Charles Roger Barie, Jr., 45, in Mercer County in front of Judge Swope. Barie is on trial for almost 30 counts of child sex crimes. 

 The Defense presented their witnesses today including Barie Junior’s sisters and his son. Barie is currently facing 8 counts of first degree sexual assault of a minor, 8 counts of sexual abuse, and 8 counts of another sexual related 

We are told the child involved was less than 12-years-old when the alleged abuse occurred in 2000 and 2003.

Barie was initially arrested and charged with first-degree sexual assault of a minor and sexual abuse by a parent, guardian, or custodian in May 2016. Back in January a mistrial was declared after the jury was unable to reach a verdict.

This trial is expected to take up to 3 days. We will continue to bring you the latest on the trial as it continues.

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