Trillium Performing Arts Collective to Honor Lewisburg Resident


This weekend, a special performance is set to take place at the Lewis Theatre in Lewisburg.  Members of the Trillium Performing Arts Collective will be honoring Chally Erb, a Lewisburg resident who has a special story to tell.

Almost two years ago Chally Erb was diagnosed with ALS- a crippling neurological disease that would stop most people in their tracks. For Erb, though, it simply made him change direction.

“I still have that same energy level, I just am limited, physically, in what I can do,” he says. “So, I still do what I can do, with that same high level.”

He jokingly says “you can’t cry over spilled milk,” adding, more seriously, that he can not let this diagnosis stop him from leading the active life that he loves. 

“I’m not going to cry about anything, I’m just going to take the cards that I get dealt, and play my hand,” Erb says. 

For now, that hand includes a weekend of performances with the Trillium Performing Arts Collective. 

Nine pieces will be performed to honor Chally and all that he’s done for Trillium and the Lewisburg community in general. 

Devin Preston with the Trillium performing Arts Collective says they want to honor Chally’s commitment to the community.

Preston states, “Chally has been with Trillium for 30 years, he is one of the longest serving artists with the organization and because this disease has hit him pretty hard, we wanted to make sure that he got a chance to really be celebrated.”

Chally says that after this weekend, he will make his next move, and after that, another, and another.”I try to always keep something like a month out so that I have a goal that I can get to, and I can go and do that,” explains Erb. 

Of the nine pieces being performed, most are set to be a surprise for Chally, aside from the one piece he created himself.

Tickets for the show are on sale right now. On Thursday, a dress rehearsal will be held and audience members will be asked to pay what they can for that performance. Friday and Saturday the show is at 7:30 in the evening, Sunday the show is set for 3 in the afternoon. 

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