Tuesday is day 10 without clean water for some residents in Raleigh County


Residents say Tuesday is day 10 without clean water in Arnett, Dry Creek and surrounding communities. Paul Flanagan, a member of the board of directors for the Raleigh County PSD, says it’s a culmination of the weather we’ve had over the past couple weeks.

“And the extraordinary demands that have been placed on water systems throughout Raleigh County” Flanagan said.

He said those that live in those areas are furthest from the source the water resulting in the tanks filling up and being able to pressurize the water in the tank.

“The slow painful process that we’re currently going through and that is for every system in this county to have sufficient water to get it’s lines and tanks filled so that the pressures are high enough to serve all the customers” he said.

Some residents in the Arnett area are starting to see their water restored including Dennis Price, but he says the water isn’t safe to drink.

“Now I have to wash that because I won’t drink that, I won’t drink that water” Price said.

He said he only uses the water to clean dishes off with, only after he boils it. But he said his water has been turning off at night, and now he just wants an answer.

“You hear one thing, you hear something today, tomorrow it’s a different story” Price said.

Lucky for him, he lives down the street from the Coal River Fire Department and he can’t thank them enough for the work they’ve done.

“This fire department has been good for people” he said.

Now all Price can do is wait until the water is safe to drink.

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