UPDATE: Glen Daniel Little General Robbed Twice In One Week


The Little General in Glen Daniel was robbed not once, but two times in the same week. Dispatchers say both times it was robbed, it was at knife point, causing concern for many residents.

“This is the second time this week so I’m thinking, they have to be local, they have to be here or something like that and get away so easy” said Vicki Francis. Vicki Francis’s mother lives in Glen Daniel and her mothers safety is a top priority of hers.

“My mom is elderly and if they can break in a store like this at four in the morning, they can probably come in on her and she would be defenseless” Francis said.

Both robberies took place in the early hours of the morning and Francis said she makes sure she does her shopping during the day.

“We travel like at night time you know because of basketball games and things like that I try to gas up early because I don’t like to do really anything late at night time” she said.

Officials said we are starting to see crimes that normally take place at night be carried out in broad daylight. I spoke with one cashier and she says she hasn’t been robbed yet, but is fearful that it might be her next time.

“I don’t want to get robbed but if it does happen, give them the money” said Heather Meadows, a cashier at the Shell gas station in Beckley.

Meadows said they have an array of cameras watching the store for security. The safest thing a cashier can do, Meadows said, is not to fight with the robber and just give them the cash.

“You’re not supposed to try to protect yourself, you’re supposed to do whatever they tell you to do, it keeps you from getting hurt” she said.

Officials said the two robberies are not connected at this time but will be releasing more information within the coming week.


Dispatchers said they received a call just before 4 A.M. Saturday morning (2/14) about a robbery at the Little General on Harper Road in Glen Daniel.

Dispatchers also said the store was robbed at knife point.

Dispatchers confirmed this is the same Little General that was robbed at knife point early Monday, February 9th at 12:20 A.m.

Details are very limited at this time, stay with 59 News for the latest.

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