UPDATE: The search for two Summers County missing teens comes to an end on Thursday, March 19, 2015.  13-year-old Aleah Lilly and 16-year-old Stephen Winton of Pipestem were found by Stephen’s father, Jamie. The couple ran away into the woods near Aleah’s house. Jamie said he found them near Bull Fall’s walking back to the house. 


UPDATE: A teenage couple is sill missing in Summers County tonight, Wednesday, March 18, 2015.

Police believe thirteen-year-old Aleah Lilly and sixteen-year-old Stephen Winton ran away together Tuesday afternoon. 

Today 59News talked to family members who desperately want their little girl home.

Aleha’s parents tell me that when they arrived home Tuesday afternoon, their oldest daughter was no where to be found and a goodbye note was on the kitchen table. Jamie and Renee Lilly tell us that the not said, “She was very proud of us and thanking us for being her parents, and for us to take care of Ariel, and tell Mama and Papa that this was her idea, and she was broken and that she needed to be with her boyfriend that she loved.”

Aleah’s parents believe the two took off into the woods right by the house, but neighbors and police have scoured the area, and so far they don’t have any leads. Aleah’s little sister Ariel knew her sisters plan the whole time, but she promised she wouldn’t say anything, but as soon as as her parents got home, she told the truth. Jamie says “she started telling us everything, that he’s come to the house a couple of time through the night and stayed in the closet.”

Jamie and Renee went on telling us that they were shocked. This is a boy that they went to church with and they invited over to dinner.  Jamie told  me if they could get ahold of Stephen, this is what they would say, “Were not mad at you, just get, get our daughter home. He did promise me he would take care of her, please take care of her.” 

Police say that they have no reason to believe that Aleah is in danger, but that Stephen Winton did say if he is found, he would kill him self. 

If you have information regarding either of the teens whereabouts, call the Summers County sheriffs office at 304-466-7111.


ORIGINAL STORY: The Summers County Sheriff’s Department is searching for a missing girl in Summers County.

According to deputies, 13-year-old Aleah Lilly was last seen in her home in Pipestem around 2 P.M. March 17, 2015. It’s believed she may be with her boyfriend, 16-year-old Steven Winton.

If you have any information on where Aleah or Steven are, call 911 or the Summers County Sheriff’s Department at (304) 466-7111.