UPDATE: WV EMS crews headed home after helping hurricane victims in Florida


UPDATE:   WV EMS crews are headed home after helping hurricane victims in Florida.

UPDATE 9/8/2017: West Virginia EMS crews, including Jan Care in Beckley, LEASA in Logan and the Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority have arrived in Florida. 

Crews are staying in Tallahassee and waiting to hear their next orders.

Hurricane Irma is now a category 4 hurricane, and is expected to hit Florida early Sunday morning, September 10, 2017.

ORIGINAL 9/7/2017:   Now that Florida is preparing for the worst with Hurricane Irma approaching, first responders  from Beckley are deploying to give a helping hand.

Jan Care in Beckley is a part of the West Virginia Mountaineer strike team along with Logan and Kanawha county. 10 ambulances total from the three counties, two coming from Beckley, will make the trip. A team of four crew members will be deployed from Beckley.

First responder Ashley Williams said she is prepared for anything. “I don’t think that anybody can ever be truly ready for something like this. We just wanna go down and do the greatest food for number of patients,” said Williams.

The two ambulances going to Florida are fully equipped and prepared for the worst. Half of the Beckley crew being deployed like Keeley Elswick,  will be experiencing their first time helping those in a disaster zone. 

“There’s more people going down there that I’m going to help. I’m kind of nervous at the same time because I’m not really sure what to expect cause I’ve never been on something like this.”

 To be able to respond and lend a helping hand in times like this, crew members must first receive credential from FEMA. The crews will travel to Tallahassee and will be deployed from there.

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