Via Air Hosts Second Community Meeting in Lewisburg


It’s the second community meeting in Lewisburg hosted by Via Air. This time there was a similar turn out, but a slightly more positive message. 

“We know that they’ve had 100% completion rate and that’s all we can ask for. We’re very excited about that,” says Kara Dense of the Greenbrier Valley Visitor Center. 

Matthew Macri, VP of Operations for Via Air adds, “We haven’t rerouted any aircrafts to accommodate any other cities and the only delays we’ve had have been minor and some weather related.” 

The first meeting was filled with angry residents who experienced the dismal 67% flight completion rate that the airline held back in March. Now, the airline says that rate is 100%. 

There are still kinks being worked out. The meeting took a turn when Greenbrier Valley Airport Manager Stephen Snyder began pointing issues out. Things like low aircraft occupancy and still not being able to check a bag through to a final destination are a few things Via says they hope to improve on by their next meeting. 

As a whole, the improvements made are far reaching. “I’s just another way to get here. We are definitely a drive market but, especially for groups and people coming in to the Greenbrier, and with the summer coming up, it definitely lets people know that we are a flyable destination,” adds Dense. 

Via plans to add a few additional flights to Florida in the next few months. Residents are hoping the service continues to improve through the remainder of the contract. 

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