Virginia Marlins Step up to the Plate at Linda K. Epling Stadium


Tuesday (7/11) baseball players from all across the world hit the field at the Linda K. Epling Stadium in Beckley. The teams were divided by gender, the boys played the girls. It’s a baseball game people don’t see too often.

“It’s amazing, it’s really fun and exciting, it’s awesome to be out and playing,” said two players from Australia, Mahaela O’Neill and Olivia Cameron.

Players came from all over the world to participate as a part of the Virginia Marlins, which is a program that works to bring baseball players together to build their skills.

For the women who stepped up to the plate, they said it’s a great opportunity to bat against the boys. “We came to show that girls can play baseball, it’s not just a manly dominate sport,” said an Australian baseball player, Bella Crelly.

While the women were out showing the world gender doesn’t matter, Monday (7/10) the team ran into a situation none of them expected. “Yesterday we had a game against the (another team) and we were told to leave because we were girls,” said a baseball player, Ozzie Sailors.

The group of girls didn’t let that stop them from doing what they love. “It really makes you hungry to get out there and get after it and appreciate playing the best game on earth,” said Sailors.

As a male player, Steven Fondor gives these women credit for taking the field. “I feel like there are some girls that could play, but they’re scared to play because society doesn’t let them. I believe there are girls that can play baseball,” said Fondor.

Teammates said when they’re out on the field, it doesn’t matter whether someone’s a male or female, what matters is their teamwork. “I think it’s just working as a team, just making outs, making those plays they think girls can’t do, it’s really important,” said an Australian baseball player, Caitlin Wild.

In the end, the men took home the winning title.

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