Vocational Schools Show Major Employment Success


With graduation around the corner for some students, studies conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor reveal the amount of students graduating from college and getting jobs has declined. Now experts believe vocational schools might be the next best tool.

“I’m trying to get into mechanical engineering,” said an adult student at the Academy of Career and Technology, Kevin Boetker.

Boetker is in his first year at Academy of Career and Technology and he’s learning hands on experience on what actual mechanical engineers do. “I’m definitely learning this is something I wanted to do, I got here and didn’t know anything about drafting and now I’ve learned a lot,” said Boetker.

Through high tech computer programs, adult students just like Boetker are getting professional experience.

The principal for the vocational school, Charles Pack said the classrooms are designed to be just like a workplace. “Each one of our classes is designed to resemble what they will work in when they leave here,” said Pack.

There are over 19 different programs for students to get involved in and as the leader of the school, Pack has seen a lot of success. “We place almost 97% of students in some type of work,” said Pack.
The U.S. Bureau of Labor reveals 40% of college students who attend four year colleges don’t graduate.Pack said some of those students apply to the vocational program. “We’ve had many students who finish college and have been unable to find a career and they will come here to take additional classes,” said Pack.

With high tech gear, these students get professional help to be prepared for what a real job is like. “For instance, in automotive they have a shop director, they have a CEO, who is the ultimate leader of the company,” said Pack.

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