Volunteers roll up sleeves to help clean up the community


To some, picking up trash and sticks may not be the most exciting thing to do, but volunteers who are helping clean up the Piney Creek Watershed want to see it be restored to its natural beauty.”It’s like the New River Gorge,” Tom Sopher, a councilmen for the city of Beckley said.

Sopher is one of the organizers for the clean up efforts. He said where people were picking up Saturday Used to be an old city dump. Volunteers helped pick up old trash that’s fallen down the hill and made a pile of sticks to burn down near the water. Sopher’s goal one day is to see this area attract more people to the area.

“One day we would like to see a nice trail to the creek,” Sopher said.

I talked to one volunteer who says the watershed is historic to the city of Beckley.

“It’s apart of the original reason for the town of Beckley to have started through Alfred Beckley’s insistence for developing a center of commerce for the area,” Thomas Lemke, a member of the Piney Creek Watershed Association said.

Lemke said from a researchers stand point, the area needs to be well maintained.

“It’s a beautiful sight and everyone who comes down here agrees it’s a wonderful sight that needs to preserved,” he said.

If you would like to get involved, contact the Piney Creek Watershed Association.

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