Voters in Tazewell County Cast Their Vote on Super Tuesday


Tuesday March 1, 2016 was the day everyone has been talking about.  It was the highly anticipated presidential primary election in Virginia.  The polls opened in Tazewell County 6 in the morning on Tuesday.  Virginia voters cast their votes choosing between 3 Democratic candidates and 13 Republican candidates.  Voters 59News spoke with said they’re hoping for different things this election year.

Voter Tiffany Hale said, “I’m very optimistic about our future.  I hope for a better America for my kids.”

There were more than a dozen Donald Trump signs at the Nuckolls Hall location in Tazewell.  Hale said for the sake of her children, she hopes they never have to deal with Trump ever being president. 

Hale said, “He’s not consistent at all in any of his statements.  I’m very torn between Rubio and Cruz.  Those are kind of my picks.  I tend to lean more towards Rubio as far as foreign policies I think.”

27-year-old David Saunders went to vote with his father.  He hopes the future will be bright for recent graduates.

Saunders said, “It is at a detrimental spot for our age generation and everybody graduating from college.  It’s very important that this next presidential candidate is going to bring in jobs that are going to be sufficient to make this country great again.”

Saunders said he’s looking for someone who will stand up for this country. 

Saunders said. “We need somebody that’s going to be professional and that is going to bring jobs and development into the country.  I feel that Bernie Sanders is going to be the best candidate for this job.”

The polls closed at 7 p.m. on Tuesday.  Results can be found at later Tuesday night. 

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