Water Restoration Efforts Continue in West Virginia


UPDATE: Several communities are still without water. We’re working for you to find out what resources are available for those in need. 
The Raleigh County 911 Center was notified of the water issue Tuesday by the PSD. 911 Director, John Zilinski, says while this is just one of those things that happens, if we all conserve water it will help build back up the supply, create more pressure, and those people in higher elevations will have water again, “my big thing is to conserve your water, if you have water and you haven’t had water for sometime try to conserve that, because that’s water that’s trying to build up in the system to make the system fully functional again.”
The Tams Mountain area and surrounding areas were without water, but Tams Tower as well as a water tank in the Helen area have now been refilled. 
The Coal River, Arnett, and Naoma Areas are still without water. The Coal River Fire Department is distributing water to residents in need, but Randy Pettry, says they are only able to give one 24-pack of water to each household, “we received last night, I think 596 cases of water, and were trying to deliver a case of water to each family. That’s not much.”

The Coal River Fire Department says donations would be greatly appreciated, so they can supply families with more than one case of water. 
Thursday, February 26, 2015 the Fire Department will distribute water from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
ORIGINAL STORY: Workers with West Virginia American Water continues to restore water service throughout West Virginia.

We’re told restoring water service is taking significantly longer than expected.  Water main breaks and customer demand is effecting repair time.

There are water outages being reported in Raleigh County right now.   Viewers have told us water is out to areas such Rock Creek.   Our 59 news reporter Brandon Bates is working for you, Tuesday, to get the latest on the situation there.

We do know there is a boil water advisory issued for Princeton.  This affects about 150 customers in the following areas of Princeton in the company’s Bluestone system: City View Heights, Napolean lane, Morningside Drive including the Princeton Health Care Center, and Brock Circle.   The advisory follows a water main break.   Workers are trying to locate the break and fix the problem as quickly as possible.  

Right now, water is back on for the Northgate area and parts of the Hillcrest Drive and Rutledge Road areas of Charleston.  That’s due to slow repressurization of tanks and water mains serving the hillside.Customers in the highest elevations along Oakridge and Woodbridge Drives are still experiencing outages due to insufficient pressurization to fill the South Oakridge water storage tank serving that neighborhood.

Customers in higher elevations in southeastern Boone County, including the communities of Van, Ashford, Williams Mountain, Camp Creek and Hewett, are also experiencing low water pressure or water outages until a series of tanks in that area repressurize, which has been hampered by water main breaks and customer demand. West Virginia American Water has delivered a water tanker to the Van Fire Department to provide bulk water for customers in the area experiencing lengthy outages. Customers should bring their own containers to fill. The company also provided water tankers to critical care customers affected by extended outages in the Kanawha Valley, including an assisted living facility, Hospice facility, retirement community and educational facility. 

Company crews continue to perform leak survey work to try to identify underground, non-surfacing leaks that may be contributing to ongoing issues. If you see a water main break, please report it immediately to 1-800-685-8660.

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