West Virginia Milk Drinkers Entitled To Cash In Class-Action Settlement


West Virginia residents who purchased milk any time since 2003 are eligible to receive cash as part of a $52 million class-action settlement with major US dairy producers.

In the suit, a trade group representing about 70 percent of the US dairy industry was accused by an animal welfare group of artificially inflating milk prices by slaughtering hundreds of thousands of cows.

The defendants agreed to pay $52 million without admitting or denying wrongdoing as part of the settlement in September.

Eliglble States, Courtesy: boughtmilk.com

The settlement entitles residents of West Virginia, 14 other states, and the District of Columbia, to collect their share of the cash if they purchased milk or milk products (such as cream, half & half, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, or sour cream) at a grocery store anytime since 2003.

Proof of purchase is not required.

You can file a claim here.

The value of the individual payouts will depend on the number of claims filed. Individuals may receive between $5 and $20. Large-scale purchasers may receive between $140-$560, according to the website.

Claims will be paid into claimants’ online accounts such Paypal, the site says.

The deadline to file a claim is January 31.

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