She shoots and she scores! On the blacktop of Fairdale Elementary, Dustin Lively and his friends were just playing a game of basketball.

“Well there were these ATV’s down there and a bunch of people were driving on them and stuff like that and when ever they left the cops got called,” Lively said.

That’s where Trooper Jillian Yeager steps in.

“The kids in question had already left but there was a group of boys playing basketball that had nothing to do with it and she said that they may know who the kids were,” Yeager said.

So instead, Trooper Yeager played several pick up games.

“A lot of people say that police are bad and then you have people who play basketball with you,” Lively said.

And that’s why these videos and stories are helping change the public’s perception of police.

“In my opinion, I think community policing is all about making yourself as an officer more approachable to the public so that if something does happen they will feel more comfortable when approaching you,” Yeager said.

Lively says he would be more than happy to invite Trooper Yeager back to play more basketball.

“If I’m down there in the area of Fairdale I will definitely swing by and see if my buddies are out there playing basketball and get in on another game,” Yeager said.