What to be Aware of as the Tax Deadline Approaches


Although it is Easter Sunday, tax professionals across the country are hard at work today with the deadline to file quickly approaching. 

Nothing will stop the tax professionals at H&R Block from their work during the home stretch of tax season, not even a holiday weekend. 

They’re hard at work on this Easter Sunday, helping customers prepare their 2016 returns before the deadline approaches. Everything must be postmarked by April 18th. “If not, then they will have late filing penalties that can be assessed on them, and they don’t pay 90% of their balance due with their extension, if that’s what they filed, then they can also assess more penalties and interest by not paying most of their balance due,” said a Senior Tax Specialist, H&R Block, Megan Brogan.

Tax Day is actually April 15th, but this year, that date fell on a Saturday. With Sunday and Monday considered federal holidays, the tax deadline was pushed to April 18th. That’s why this Easter Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, the H&R Block office will be busy helping people complete those last minute returns. 

Brogan said it’s worth your time to work with a professional, one-on-one, face-to-face. “When we sit down with you, we ask some really quirky, crazy questions about your life and what’s going on in your life. Some may seem too personal, but that’s so that we can know to get the best advantage for you to get your bigger refund,” said Brogan.

Brogan said things like healthcare and higher education credits can make filing tricky if you don’t have help. If you’ve procrastinated, don’t worry, there are still two more days to stop in a file your return.

When you do that, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey urges people to be careful during last-minute tax filing.

Morrisey reminds people to take their time filling out tax information in order to avoid any missteps.

The Attorney General advised people to file electronically because It’s time efficient. He also said while it seems simple, make sure you’re double checking your information.

Another big concern are scammers out there, Morrisey said people should do their research on your tax preparer to avoid any scams.

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