White Sulphur Springs Still Searching for Funds to Fix Town Pool


It sits right next to the city baseball fields. It doesn’t look like much now, but just a few years ago the White Sulphur Springs City Pool was drawing swimmers of all ages. 

“We don’t have that many activities for the children in the summer and when they can come and enjoy themselves at the swimming pool, that was great for the parents, great for the kids, and great for the older folks that like to exercise as well,” says Mayor Lloyd Haynes. 

In 2013, countless leaks and expensive repairs meant the pool didn’t just close for the season. Instead, it was closed until further notice. 

Lloyd Haynes:  It just became such a problem that we had to shut it down. 

Since 2013, repairing and reopening the pool was a priority for White Sulphur Springs but in June, recovering from the historic flooding was the only focus for Mayor Lloyd Haynes and his city council members. Now, priorities are shifting back. 

“Since the pool has been closed, everybody has missed it. It’s been our charge to continue to try and get the pool going again,” adds Haynes. 

With a repair estimate of around 1 million dollars, Haynes and city council members are hoping for some funding from the Arts and Recreations funds held by the Greenbrier County Commission. Haynes says if granted that, they may have an unnamed individual donor that would contribute the remainder. 

 The White Sulphur springs City Council will present their case to the Arts and Recreation committee on April 26th.  Shortly after, they will know if the funds have been granted by the Greenbrier County Commission. 

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