White Sulphur Springs to commemorate flood anniversary with festivities


To commemorate the devastating floods that damaged more than a hundred homes and claimed at least six lives a year ago, the City of White Sulphur Springs will be hosting a weekend full of events aimed at remembering the lives lost and celebrating the city’s rebirth. 

Last year’s devastating floods hit hard in the City of White Sulphur Springs. “The impact on the city was even worst it seems,” said White Sulphur Springs Mayor Lloyd Haynes. “If you take a look at it, it looked like a third world country to begin with, and it seemed to most like we’re not going to get through, we are not going to ever get back to where we were.”  

Haynes has been the city’s mayor for the past four years. During the time of the floods, he along with his city suffered a tremendous loss. Two days after the floods, his wife died. The two had been married for 54 years.

“It was something that was excruciating but things were moving so fast and there was so much to do and there were so many different people that were experiencing problems and misery that I didn’t take time to think about myself,” said Haynes.

Haynes said there was no time to grieve. However, as the year anniversary of the floods inches closer, he said there are greater plans for the city to move pass the tragedy. “We want people to realize that even though the floods were devastating and it wasn’t a good thing to live through, there’s hope,” he said. “We are not standing still, we are going forward.” 

 The festivities will kick off on June 23.  

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