With Recent Copper Thefts In The Region, 59News Finds Out The Value of Copper


With recent reported copper thefts in the region, 59News wanted to know the value of copper.  We stopped by Riverjack Recycling in North Tazewell, Virginia.  Edward Laney is the owner of Riverjack Recycling in North Tazewell.  His business has been there for 18 years. 

Laney said, “Copper right now is down a little bit but we still buy it quite a bit.  It’s $1.30 a pound for number 2 and $1.40 for number 1.”

Laney said about 2 to 3 years ago, copper number 2 was worth $2.75 a per pound and copper number 1 was $3 per pound.  Copper number 1 is basically pipe copper.  It’s used in homes to run water through it.  Copper number 2 is really fine copper and it has coding on it.  When they buy copper from customers, Laney said they take down their driver’s license number, tag number of their vehicle, and the type of car they drive.  They also get their customers to sign the receipt.  Volunteer Frank Brown said copper is a hot commodity. 

Brown said, “Copper number 1 is usually a lot cleaner version.  Number 2, you have to strip it.”

Laney believes that despite the high value, you should never break the law or threaten your life over it.

Laney said, “We’ve had a couple people killed in West Virginia and that’s trying to get copper off the electrical lines.  It is not worth risking your life for.”

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