It’s the murder story of a knock at the door that turned deadly for one Raleigh County man. It dates back to February 2015 when Camille Browne, a 19-year-old girl at the time, went to the house of Ronald Browning.

Police said Browne choked Browning and beat him until he died. It was later when his wife found him, dead on the floor of her very own home. Browne was then charged murder and in May she accepted a plea deal.

Camille Brown was found guilty on second degree murder and burglary charges which carries up to a 40 year sentence. 

“I just ask for a second chance,” Browne said in court. Browne pleaded for forgiveness after admitting to viciously attacking an innocent elderly man, Ronald Browning. “I live with that everyday knowing that my decisions have taken someone’s life,” Browne said. That’s a life family members of Browning say they will never get back.

Ayla Bratcher, the granddaughter of Browning explained he was the father figure to her and to everyone he met, “He was overall a great guy.”

Bratcher described Browning as a loving husband, a dedicated great grandfather, a pastor in the community, and a role model. “He would do anything for anybody, volunteer his time in the community,” Bratcher said.

Browning was a community member and volunteered most days out of his week to help others. Browning worked at Raleigh General Hospital as a chaplain. He would wake up early in the morning just to speak with people at the hospital. His services went beyond that, he was a Pastor in Crab Orchard where the community there says he was a key figure in their lives. Now family and friends have to live knowing the man the love was brutally beaten to death.

Family members of Browning took the stand, telling the judge justice needs to be served. “I’m asking you sir to give her what West Virginia requires,” Browning’s brother, Ralph Browning said.

The maximum sentence is a 40 year sentence for second degree murder along with two other felony charges.

The defense argued Brown deserves to go to a youthful treatment center where she can not only learn, but prosper at her young age. “Figure out a way that’s not the one being urged where we’ll lock her up in a box for 40 years and see what happens,” Browne’s defense pleaded. The defense stressed this crime happened when Browne was high on marijuana and that it wasn’t her actions. Her lawyer claimed it was the drugs that made her do it.

After hearing that, the Prosecuting Attorney in Raleigh County, Kristen Keller said there is no evidence of marijuana playing a role in this. She explained Browne smoked the drug then committed this act of violence nearly 12 hours later. Keller took the stand stressing to everyone in the courtroom that marijuana wasn’t the motive behind the brutal act. Keller explained this murder was similar to one she dealt with in the past and Browne has no excuses for what she did. Keller went as far as calling Browne a ‘cold blooded killer.’

The judge took both sides into consideration and after over two hours, he made up his mind. “You shall be sentenced to a term in the department of corrections for 30 years,” The Hon. John Hutchinson said.

With the sentence Browne was given she is eligible for parole after 10 years.