Women feel unsafe after love notes are left on their cars


Women in one Raleigh County are feeling uneasy after love notes are left on their cars by someone they don’t know.
It’s happening at the Kroger at Beckley Crossing. We first learned of this on Facebook. One person wrote a post saying his wife had received two notes on her car and then several women commented, saying the same thing had happened to them. 
The notes are not threatening. 
Most of them say something short like “you’re beautiful” and then leave an email address, but still to someone who is walking through a parking lot by themselves, this makes them feel uneasy. Dorlene Kincaid told 59News how she would react if she found a love note on her car, “I would be a little shocked and a little freaked out, like who put it there and why it’s there.” Another women commented saying, “It seems like a nut is running loose around in the parking lot.”
But one woman doesn’t think it’s too much of a concern, “If somebody left me a note, I would pray about it and wish them well, but I would not use the email.”
Detective Lt. David Allard with the Beckley Police Department told 59News this is a difficult situation, because the person leaving the notes is not committing a crime. 
But crime or no crime, many feel this person should be stopped. Destiny Basil say this just adds to the reason she wants to get a gun, “Their’s a lot of crime lately. I’ve even considered getting a concealed weapons license, because this is very dangerous.”
Tammy Bentley, the co-manager of the Kroger, tells us that their reviewing surveillance video and looking into the situation. She says “we want to do everything we can to keep our customers and employees safe.”
Detective Lt. David Allard told us that they cannot take legal action, but that Kroger can ask the person to leave, because it is private property. If the person doesn’t cooperate, then police can get involved. 

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