Women’s Only Faith Based Recovery Center Coming to Raleigh County


Hard at work, Leon Brush and residents of Brian’s Safehouse work to get it right. Preparing for the opening of an all women’s faith-based rehabilitation home, Sparrow’s Nest.

“Problem of addiction among women is as great as it is among men,” Brush said.

For the past eight years, Brian’s Safehouse has helped men struggling with drug addiction. Sparrow’s nest will be the first of it’s kind and volunteers say it’s a step in the right direction.

“Jail is not recovery, you know it may lead you there, but it is definitely not a place where you are going to, you know, get better,” Kimberly Rader said.

Kimberly Rader knows first hand, she is a former prescription pill addict and spent time in Huntington at a faith-based recovery home.

“You know I love my hometown, I love this place, but that early in my recovery I just didn’t feel comfortable here, I felt like it, if I had been given the opportunity to stay it would’ve been a relapse for me,” Rader said.

The program at Sparrow’s Nest will be a little different than the treatment at Brian’s Safehouse. But struggles are the same, similar to what Tilford Bradley went through when he started at the safehouse.

“It’s going to help them be able to take, take care of their families if they have kids, stay out of jails, be a producer, not a problem,” Bradley said.

Sparrow’s Nest is slated to open next week. Brush says he expects to have four to six women in the homes first class.

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