The Woodrow Wilson high school Hall of Fame is just that.  At the Beckley Raleigh County Convention center, framed jerseys line the halls displaying legends that once played in the “City of Champions.”

With 16 state titles, the home of the Flying Eagles is filled with tradition.

“When you see Beckley Basketball and you walk through the armory and you see all of the banners and the jerseys and the pictures there’s a great history there’s no doubt about it,” said Woodrow Wilson play-by-play Fred Persinger II.

It’s an elite club.  Only the best of the best get inducted into the Beckley Hall of Fame. More than 70 players have had the honor to be a part of it and two more will be inducted this weekend. 

“Damien Tunstalle and also Michael Fortune are two guys that definitely deserve to be in, they are all state players and exemplify what Beckley basketball is all about.”

The fraternity of basketball greats includes some who’ve played past the armory, such as Ryan Culicerto, part of the 1993 championship team, who also played at James Madison University. Tamar Slay is another notable player.  He went on to play at Marshall then in the NBA. Two hall of famers still helping coach the high school team this year are Brian and Gene Nabors.  Gene played against former NFL star Randy Moss, and former NBA player Jason Williams. 

One year, an entire team was inducted.

“The 1962 team, the only undefeated team in school, and you think of all the great teams they had, you’d think they’d have more than one undefeated team,” said Woodrow Wilson color analyst Maris Lowery.

On that team was Dave Barksdale, a basketball icon.  Not just for his role as a player but also a coach.

“He’s the only person in it as a player and a coach, and when I say a player, not as an individual player but as part of the 1962 team,” Lowery explained.

Persinger added, “he was one of those guys that was a hardworking guy, played harder than anyone else on the floor. Coaching, he was the same way.”

Soon, this group will expand, on Saturday at halftime of the Woodrow Wilson boys basketball game against South Charleston, Tunstalle and Fortune will join the Woodrow Wilson Hall of Fame.