WORKING FOR YOU: The do’s and don’ts of hiking trails


After a scare Sunday night, family members of the two Fayette county teens say they are counting their blessings. It can happen to anyone in an instant so I spoke with Mark Bollinger with the New River Gorge National River and he told me the dos and don’ts out on the trail.

“The trails designed to take you through the safest terrain so stay on the trail,” Bollinger said, “once you get off you starting getting into hazardous environments or conditions, maybe rocky areas that could lead to falls.”

Bollinger said approximately 10 feet is a safe distance to stay away from the cliffs edge.

“That way if you do happen to trip over a root or just trip over your shoe lace, you’re not going over the edge you got some space there,” he said.

Haylee Massey, an avid hiker at the Longpoint trail, says she will take extra precautions after hearing about the accident.

“You just got to pay attention and not go too close, I don’t go too close anyway I’m scared of heights,” Massey said.

Family members of the two boys tell me the 19-year old did the right thing by calling 911, having a whistle and his GPS to help rescuers find them quickly.

“Don’t ever go alone because if something does happen because a cellphone might not work in that particular area and you have no way of getting contact out,” Bollinger said.

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