WVU Tech Welcomes New Students in Beckley


It is certainly that time of year when students all across the country are heading back to school. For one university, it is the first of many to come.

Starting today (August 13, 2017), W.V.U. Tech welcomed their new students to their first year at the new Beckley campus. Orientation, which runs through Tuesday, has them moving in, finding their classes, accessing campus resources, and learning about making good choices in college.

So far, students are loving the thriving community intertwined within the city of Beckley,

WVU Tech orientation leader Madison Stone was delighted in the opportunity to get involved with the city with their community service.

“Here, I feel like they would have an opportunity to not only meet each other and get to know each better, but get to know their community,” she said. “Whereas in Montgomery, our community did not really want to connect with us as much as this community does.”

Student Karla Pereyra admired that Beckley is undoubtedly a small city with a big heart.

“Everybody knows each other, and that’s pretty cool. Because I come from a big city where nobody knows anybody. So, it’s nice to be somewhere small.”

Tomorrow, students will attend a formal convocation and a walking tour on campus. First day of the fall semester for WVU Tech is this Wednesday.

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