The family of a man who was shot dead three years ago share their memories of what happened that tragic day. 

Day five of the murder trial for Michael Stines, defendant, continued Monday, October 24, 2016. The Beckley man is accused of murdering Christopher Ward, the estranged husband of his girlfriend, in April 2013.

Three of Ward’s children and his wife, who was dating Stines at the time, all took the witness stand to tell what happened from their perspectives the day of the shooting.

Ward’s children, under oath, were thrust into reliving one of the most horrific days of their young lives.

His daughter and two sons testified they were home when the shooting happened. All three said they saw Stines come to Ward’s house with a gun that day.

When Stines went inside, trouble would follow.

“They just started fighting, and then they just kind of went back into the bedroom,” one of the children testified on Monday.

Sharon Ward, who was Christopher Ward’s estranged wife, testified after that while she and the kids were home, her husband pushed her and then went after Stines.

“When [Christopher Ward] pushed me, I got a glimpse of Mike coming down the hallway,” Sharon Ward said on the stand, Monday. “And Chris, when he pushed me, he came back and attacked Mike.”

Sharon Ward went on to say it wouldn’t take long before the two men got into a scuffle. 

“He, like, went over top of him,” Sharon Ward continued in her Monday testimony. “And they started wrestling, struggling. And then they went into our bedroom and they were still struggling.”

Stines testified on Friday, October 21, 2016, he shot the 39-year-old Christopher Ward during the fight in the bedroom. The defense argues Stines killed Christopher Ward in self defense. 

But the prosecution believes it was a murder in cold blood. Stines faces charges of first degree murder, brandishing a firearm and wanton endangerment.

The defense and prosecution have rested their cases. The verdict will be in the hands of the jury Tuesday, October 25, 2016, at 1 p.m. 

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