CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — With the 4th of July weekend closely on its way, over 1 million vehicles are expected to be out and about on the open road during the days leading up to 4th of July, which is why the West Virginia Parkways Authority is bringing in and recruiting extra staff and law enforcement.

The reason for extra authoritative help is to ensure a safe, efficient driving experience.

“We’ll have courtesy patrols out 24-7, the State Police, and all the toll booths will have extra staff. We’ll also have flaggers as you approach the toll booths to direct traffic into open lanes. The weekend before & after July 4 is the busiest 11-day travel period for the West Virginia Turnpike each year. We expect to process 1.35 million transactions at the toll booths during this time frame.”

Jeff Miller, executive director of the Parkways Authority

It is expected that Friday, July 1, 2022 to be the heaviest day on the Turnpike, filled with traffic. It is estimated that 165,000 cars and other vehicles are to pass through the toll booths that day, and Saturday, July 2, 2022 will be at 148,000 causing it to the second highest day.

“As always, the West Virginia Turnpike will be prepared and staffed accordingly for the increase in holiday travel. We remind patrons that the heaviest traffic on these days is expected between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.”

Jeff Miller, executive director of the Parkways Authority

And as always, with so much traffic on the Turnpike, Miller said it’s very important for drivers to pay attention to the road and avoid distracted driving. “Be safe, and stay off your cell phone,” expressed Miller, giving a cautious, friendly reminder.

Holiday travelers should try to plan and organize their trips accordingly.

Miller Also urges travelers to buy an E-ZPass for their vehicles to make passing through toll booths more quick and less stressful. He urges to get an E-ZPass because you can pay for a Single Fee Discount Plan. This plan allows drivers the unlimited use of the West Virginia Turnpike for a reasonable and low fee of $26.25 for the year, and single, one-time fee of $13.00 for an E-ZPass transponder. All tolls accept E-ZPass, which makes travel smoother and quicker when traveling.

“The benefits of the West Virginia E-ZPass program far exceed the cost, particularly compared to any other national toll discount program that exists. After just two round trips on the West Virginia Turnpike, the E-ZPass pays for itself. The Governor’s visionary idea for this program will pay dividends long into the future.”

Jeff Miller, executive director of the Parkways Authority

For more information on getting or renewing an E-ZPass, please visit You can also apply in person at the West Virginia Parkways Authority E-ZPass Customer Service Center at either of their two locations:

Charleston, WV: 3310 Piedmont Road, Charleston, West Virginia 25306

Beckley, WV: 12 Pikeview Drive, Beckley, West Virginia 25801