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Less Plastic, All the Clean

How a Minnesota Company is Protecting Our 10,000 Lakes

HOPKINS, Minn., July 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- A Twin Cities-based company is taking it upon itself to help keep plastic pollutants out of our lakes. Nature Lake is a sustainability-focused cleaning solution company with a comprehensive line of tablet-based cleaning and hand soap products designed to protect our waters, reduce plastic waste, reduce shipping pollution, and get our homes sparkling clean. "We believe everyone deserves a clean, beautiful home. We also believe that there's absolutely no need to punish our planet in the process.  With Nature Lake tablets, a truly guilt-free, clean home is finally possible." says CEO Scott Severson

Minnesota is a good example of a state with waters that need protection. It has over 10,000 lakes and plastic pollutants have been found in each one and have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, according to the Ocean Blue Project. It's in the food we eat and even the beer we drink. Studies show the average person ingests at least 50,000 bits of microplastic each year. 

Each Nature Lake tablet uses naturally occurring ingredients and are made in the Midwest. The foaming action comes from naturally derived cleaning agents; other ingredients include vinegar (acetic acid), coconut derivatives, essential oils, naturally occurring and readily biodegradable acids and salts. Once added to warm water, the ingredients dissolve in minutes. The resulting USA - manufactured solutions are a powerful blend of degreasing agents and cleaners. Tablet-based cleaners are an eco-friendly and sustainable solution that offers the same or greater cleaning power than what you get from any traditional pre-mixed solution.

  • All tablets are safely made in the USA 
  • No plastic bottles ever 
  • Ingredients meet the highest green standards and are clearly shown on the packaging 
  • Nature Lake supports clean water initiatives 
About Nature Lake

Nature Lake is a Minnesota-based, sustainability-focused cleaning solution company. Our comprehensive line of tablet-based cleaning and hand soap products are designed to:

  • Reduce plastic wastet
  • Reduce shipping pollution
  • Save you money
  • Protect our waters
  • Get your home sparkling clean

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