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RollsPack renews support for Luke Campbell & the GMVA program, promoting volleyball & offering youth the chance to play in the USA & represent Australia.

We relish the opportunity to give back to our community, and enable youth sporting clubs to achieve success.”
— Will Paton
MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, November 24, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- RollsPack Packaging is excited to renew it's support for Luke Campbell and the GMVA program. Through difficult times the GMVA has continued its incredible work, promoting volleyball and giving kids the opportunity to embrace all that the sport has to offer including scholarships in the USA & the chance to represent Australia.

Luke Campbell started the Great Melbourne Volleyball Academy (GMVA) following a successful professional volleyball career. The program has 9 teams, each with a head coach and assistant coach to help kids progress. Younger children just beginning out in active sport use volleyball to build their physical and social abilities. Athletes with professional aspiration engage in the GMVA's Center of Excellence Program to help them compete in collegiate and professional leagues in the USA and rise to the national scene.

Volleyball is a fantastic way to develop both physical and social skills and provides an introduction to a host of elite athletes which already take part in the GMVA’s Centre of Excellence Program. This program is centered around athletes for whom Volleyball can open the doors to incredible opportunities including college scholarships in the USA. While Volleyball is a comparatively small here in Australia, it has a much larger player base in America. This combined with the fact that college sport market in the USA is valued at $14.4 Billion means that colleges are always on the lookout for young talent that can help their team succeed in exchange for a free education.

Opening The Door To Volleyball in the USA

While there is great demand, the connection between talent and scholarship can be very difficult to foster… especially for kids on the other side of the world in a country these college scouts don’t often associate with the sport. For local Aussie families grinding to help make their kids’ dreams a reality, the options are very limited, and many had to turn to paid recruitment agencies which charge thousands of dollars and often fail to place these students.

In the Summer of 2017 Luke decided to tackle this problem head-on by putting together a database of collegiate programs and contacting them, one by one. By summer’s end he had spoken with hundreds of colleges and developed relationships with key scouts from across America, opening a passage for young Australian volleyballers to make it to a bigger stage.

Years later the fruits of Luke’s selfless labor are evident. To date 46 young athletes have received scholarships to attend USA colleges, 10 have become professional volleyballers and 9 represent Australia’s national team. Among this elite cohort are athletes like Alissa Kinkela & Curtis Stockton. Alissa’s volleyball journey began in the GMVA’s Spikezone program when she was in Grade 5. Rising through the youth, junior, senior and elite ranks she would go on to receive a prestigious Division 1 scholarship in the USA’s ‘Big Ten’ conference and compete for the Australian national team at only 17 years old. Curtis began as a youth and progressed to an elite level becoming worthy of receiving a Division 1 College scholarship in Canada before turning professional and competing against the world’s best in Europe and Japan while also representing Australia as part of our national team.

Luke doesn’t charge families for this service, and never asked anything in return for the countless hours of work required to kick the USA college door down. He is just happy to see his students succeed and pay the support he received early in his career forward to others who have followed in his footsteps becoming elite Volleyballers excited to represent their nation.

2022 Outcomes
Luke and his colleagues had a tough couple of years because of the COVID lockdowns causing them to close their training facility in both 2020 and 2021. In 2022 the GMVA team is back and better than ever, having accomplished:

> Winning Volleyball Victoria’s ‘Junior Program of the Year’
> Having over 500 kids register for their SpikeZone Program
> Helped secure USA college scholarships for two more of their female athletes
> Helped secure Canadian college scholarships for two more of their male athletes
> Celebrated receiving their 50th collegiate scholarship (current tally stands at 53)
> Another GMVA male athlete being selected for the Australian Men’s National Team
> GMVA’s founder & head coach Luke Campbell winning Volleyball Victoria’s ‘Coach of The Year’
> Celebrating the decorated career of their Girl’s Head Coach Kell Lean whom this year retired as the Australian Team’s Captain

These outcomes are incredible given the difficulties faced over the past few years. Despite a pandemic that had stopped them from competing, travelling, or practicing, they managed to achieve so much.

53 young athletes have obtained scholarships as a result of this work. It showed determination that was needed to lead GMVA through lockdowns.
10 played volleyball professionally and 10 for Australia's national team.

In 2023, we're glad to continue supporting groups like the GMVA, which helps children build social and athletic skills and gives Australia's top volleyball players a road to the greatest stage in the sport.

Our article can be viewed here at : https://rollspack.com.au/congratulations-gmva-for-your-incredible-2022-results/

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