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Presidential Candidate Daryl Constantine Pledges No Third Party Run, Urges Trump To Do The Same

Daryl Constantine is a fan-favorite 2024 Republican Presidential Candidate

UNITED STATES, November 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Last week Presidential candidate Daryl Constantine welcomed fellow Republican Donald Trump to the race for the White House. On Wednesday he made headlines again by pledging no third-party run while affirming his faith in the process.

“I believe in the legitimacy of our elections, as well as the wisdom of our voters. At the end of day I’m a team player, so I expect I'll support whomever my party nominates, which is what I’ve done my entire life. Again, and I say this with all due respect to a very serious challenge, I'm very confident in what we're doing and my expectation is to win, my expectation is that I will be the nominee--but I also feel it's good to let the voters know that I would never hold the party hostage if things don't go my way. I’d urge Mr. Trump, or any other serious candidate to do the same.”

Mr. Constantine, who recently announced a holiday break on his website, took the opportunity to wish the country a happy Thanksgiving. When prompted for a progress report on the state of his campaign he expressed that he was pleased with things thus far.

“I feel good. I feel like we’ve done a good job of articulating what this campaign is about and I hope drawn some contrast from what others might be doing.” He continued. “I've initiated a dialogue with the American people and now I get to see how they respond to what we’ve put forward. The holiday season is about family and that's mostly where I'll be focused for the remainder of the year. But I'm keeping an eye on things, too and I'll be gauging that response while looking for confirmation from Father God that he's still in this campaign, and that the path to victory remains viable into 2023."

On a lighter note, Mr. Constantine, who is a renowned football enthusiast was asked his thoughts about the World Cup, which kicked off in Qatar this past week. "There's been a lot of goals, which is great," he began. "So far I'm rooting for Mexico and Portugal, maybe Argentina—but only if they play Dybala alongside Messi, because there’s no use in supporting a side that keeps their best players on the bench,” he added.

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Daryl Constantine

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