Bluestone Lake closed for Memorial Day weekend due to high water


HINTON, WV (WVNS) — After last week’s heavy rain, Bluestone Lake is experiencing high water levels. Because of this, John Drossart, a Natural Resources Specialist Ranger with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, said the area is now flooded.

“Last week, they got pretty significant rainfalls that brought our inflow water levels up and caused some significant flooding around the area,” Drossart said.

Drossart said the high water caused officials to close the lake for Memorial Day Weekend. Drossart said high water is a hazard to boaters.

“High water is really deceptive. When you look at the lake right now, it looks really calm and not everything is moving. Once you get down in it, there’s a lot of hazards you don’t see. There’s trees coming down the river, other drift and debris coming down the river,” Drossart said.

Drossart said there is no need to worry. He said the lake should reopen by next weekend.

“Our current forecasts, which are subject to change, depending on rainfall and other external factors currently have us getting our lake back open for normal recreation sometime around Saturday, this coming Saturday,” Drossart said.

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