ALLEN JUNCTION, WV (WVNS) — Rose Harley said she was about four years into a new career in nursing when her life changed forever.

“I found a lump in my breast and, at first, I was in denial. It’s not anything, it’ll go away, but it didn’t,” Rose said.

She said that turned into an eight-month battle for her life. It consisted of six months of of chemo, and then two months of radiation. Rose said she thought she was clear forever, but that was not in her plan.

“Seven years later, after having a routine mammogram, they found it again and I was 42-years-old. So the cancer had came back in the same breast. They told me, they said this is worse than the first because you’ve had a re-occurrence and I was just devastated,” Rose said.

Luckily, Rose did not go through this alone. Family and friends never once left her side through this battle. But, she said she found hope in God, as well.

“Most of all, God was my support system. I got close to God, I just prayed a lot and I had a lot of people praying for me that I didn’t even know. I think that’s what got me through it,” Rose said.

This faith brought her back on her feet again and back to work as a nurse. While she stresses the importance of mammograms, she also wants anyone going through a similar fight to know there is hope. She is living hope this is not a death sentence.

“Don’t give up hope. We’re still fighting. As survivors, we are still fighting for a cure,” Rose said.