PRINETON, WV (WVNS) – Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer can be an earth-shattering diagnosis. But having a support system with experience can make the process easier.

Christy Wood, Cathy Clark, and their mother Janice Hicks, are a close trio. All three women are firm believers of routine mammograms. So, when the news of Clark’s breast cancer diagnosis broke, the family was full of support and love.

“17 years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went through treatment and with the grace of God I have been cancer free ever since. Last year when I did my routine mammogram, they found that that little sucker came back. She’s been cancer free for 10 years and then this past spring Christy was diagnosed,” said Clark.

Wood says the diagnosis was difficult to hear but having a strong support system and the assistance from Princeton Community Hospital made the journey a little easier.

“Early detection is the key and that’s what we want to bring forward is to make sure people go and have their mammograms every year,” said Wood.

Wood gives praise to her sister as she worked her way through some of the toughest parts of the illness.

Clark knows that her sister and mother are only a phone call away for support.

“Outside of the hospital, I hope to say we were a great support center and they were an extremely great support center to me when I found out this summer and it’s a big shock. And its a scary part of your life that you don’t want anybody to have to endure but again early detection is key,” said Wood.

Wood and her family now sponsor a 5k run and walk called “Scare the Cancer Away’. The goal of this run is to give support and products to those suffering breast cancer, so each and every survivor knows they are not alone.