BLUEFIELD, VA (WVNS)– Supporting a local business at the Cole Chevy Mountain Festival is more of a blessing than you may realize.

On Friday, June 3, 202 the annual Cole Chevy Mountain Festival kicked off. All throughout the ten-day event, attendees can take in new things they did not quite see last year.

Jeff Disibbio, President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Two Virginias said Drew Exposition debuted a new ride sure to give you a thrill.

“It’s about 120 feet in the air at its apex so you ride up to the top and it’ll spin while you’re up and it’ll spin the entire time that you’re going through plus your chair plus the entire wheel. So it’s pretty amazing ride, hopefully, someone will be brave enough to come down and ride it,” said Disibbio.

Local business owners, Stephon Brooks and Staccotta Dickerson of Vonte’s Kitchen LLC said they want to offer Jamaican cuisine to customers here in the Two Virginias.

“We been cooking and stuff for years. Just got the truck ready a few weeks ago so we’re just excited to be out here try to meet some of the local people, get our business name out there, and hopefully potentially get some new customers and have a good time,” said Dickerson.

Marcus Hodges, owner of J&Z Grilling and one of the partners of the new Sauced and Loaded in Mercer Mall said he has served food to the festival for six years. He said he wants to keep his prices fair to those out in the community.

“Just being able to keep the prices lower so people can afford it. So, we kinda just leave the prices normal to what the restaurant prices is, we don’t jack the prices up. People during the pandemic don’t have a lot of money so we’re just trying to give back,” said Hodges.

A full look at the festival’s schedule can be viewed here.