MOUNT HOPE, WV (WVNS)– The streets of Mt. Hope were flooded full of folks as the 32nd annual Mt. Hope Jubilee returned to town.

The Jubilee was jampacked with vendors, live music, a parade, a car shows, and so much more for the people of Mt. Hope to enjoy. Excitement for the Jubilee was especially high this year, as this was just the second year of this Jubilee’s return since it was forced to shut down due to COVID.

“This actually would have been the 34th year, but due to the two years we lost to COVID, 2020-2021, this is now the 32nd year of it. We brought it back last year, it done good, hopefully for this year it does good, and I hope it keeps continuing to do good now.”

Jamie Pritt, President of the WV Classics Car Club

The Jubilee celebrates everything that makes Mt. Hope a special place to live. Many folks who grew up in Mt. Hope return home for the yearly celebration. As folks enjoyed the festivities, others took time to reunite with old friends.

“We work with the alumni association, and they try to get letters out to our alumni people. We don’t have a school anymore, they took our high school away, took our middle school, so it’s mainly they just want to come back.”

Bob Dorado, Entertainment Chairman for the Mt. Hope Jubilee

As new friends have fun and old friends reunited, the folks of Mt. Hope enjoyed the festivities of their Jubilee celebration once again.