(WVNS) — For the Gavidia family, life has been less then normal for the last two weeks. The family of four are each fighting their own battle with COVID-19.

Eleven days with a 101.5 degree fever is what Carlos Gavida, from Jupiter, Florida has been dealing with since he tested positive for COVID-19. It is not just Carlos who is fighting this, his wife Laura, and both children are as well, each of them reacting differently.

“Fever, body aches, extreme migraine total exhaustion, wiped out. Laura had no fever, but she was totally wiped out she just lays in bed. I don’t even get out of bed except to go to the bathroom, you get Diarrhea the entire time and lose your sense of taste,” Carlos Gavidia said.

All of this comes after a family trip to Aspen, Colorado at the beginning of March. Carlos and Laura went to a hotel restaurant, but little did they know, 10 people there were being quarantined due to COVID-19. Laura did not feel well when they got back and it did not take long for Carlos to fall sick, too.

“This past Saturday the ambulance came and picked me up at the house because I was having chest pain and I’ve had a fever, this is day 11 at 101.5” Carlos Gavidia said.

He is currently in contact with three doctors daily and taking malaria medicine, z-pack, and magnesium to help combat this virus. Carlos wants people to think about the older generation and how this can impact them.

“I’ve had my mom completely quarantined for the last two weeks, if my son who didn’t have any symptoms, had gone and hugged her, it would be a death sentence for her,” Carlos Gavidia said.

For Carlos, he just wants to get the word out that his is nothing to take lightly and people need to realize that.

“Please take it serious, it’s brutal. I am 53, healthy, very active and it has put me on my knees, I can’t move,” Carlos Gavidia said.