Local chiropractor shares tips to combat neck, back pain while working from home

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BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Working from home can be a big adjustment for many Americans during this COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you are adjusting to a new work space or learning how to conduct meetings, there is a lot of change happening. But with those changes comes more neck and back pain. Dr Chipley, from Chipley Chiropractic said this is not uncommon.

“It is a real problem we are seeing with patients coming through the doors. It depends on part of the body, one of the things is low back pain a lot of times that comes from a poor chair they are sitting in at the house compared to what they sit in at work,” Chipley said.

To deal with that pain, Dr. Chipley suggested finding a firm chair that is still comfortable, along with rolling up a towel into a log shape and putting it behind your back for lower back support. For neck support, Dr. Chipley suggest something different.

“With the neck you need to be looking straight ahead, laptops are a big problem, they are a solution because they allow us to work from home, but we need to get our laptop or monitor up as high as we can,” Chipley said.

Dr. Chipley also suggested stretching and moving multiple times a day is a great way to get through this work from home period.

“Just trying to bring your shoulders back bring your head back, head extensions, pinch your shoulder blades, and probably the best thing for the low back is getting out and walking 15 or 20 minutes outside walking on a sunny day. Get out there and move and try and loosen the back up,” Chipley said.

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