UNION, WV (WVNS) — Officials at the Monroe County Health Department are trying to fight COVID-19 any way they can.

The health center is working to bring monoclonal antibody treatment services to the area. While this is not a quick and easy process, officials at the health center said it is another way to try and ensure people’s safety. The treatment is recommended immediately as it cannot be administered nine days after showing symptoms.

Michelle Ballard at the Monroe County Health Center, said because the pandemic is so unpredictable, it is best to do anything possible to prepare.

“Antibody therapy has been proven to be very effective if they are treated as soon as possible post-diagnosis to be able to prevent morbidity mortality and hospitalization,” said Ballard.

You must have a referral from your health provider. You can pick up referral forms at the Monroe county health center where they also have routine COVID-19 testing and vaccination as well as flu shots.