Tazewell County schools put up external wifi points

COVID-19 Resources

TAZEWELL, VA (WVNS) — Tazewell County Schools now offer a new way for students to get their work done and socially distance at the same time. External wifi access points exist outside of all fourteen schools in the county.

Director of Technology, Cynthia Beavers said students are able to hook up to the wifi and work inside a car. She said this will help ease COVID-19 concerns.

“Students, if they need to, can come and access our wifi through the schools, still be socially distanced in the parking lot by remaining in their vehicles, but they can access those educational programs that they may not be able to access at home. We’re just trying to provide a community resource,” Beavers said.

Beavers said these wifi points will continue to exist beyond the COVID-19 pandemic to serve any other community members who may be in need of free wifi while they work.

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