Hinton community discusses COVID-19 concerns


HINTON, WV (WVNS) — People in Hinton gathered for a community meeting to have some questions answered.

Medical experts from across the county attended to clarify COVID-19 concerns. Summers County ARH Community Chief Executive Officer Wes Dangerfield said they all came together because they needed to get the correct information out to the public.

“We could provide education, help everyone know what everybody’s roles are, what’s happening and what’s going on and how to provide the very best most current information because everything happening now with the pandemic for COVID-19 is changing on a daily basis,” Dangerfield said.

These experts provided tips on hand-washing, hygiene, and other facts of the virus. Dangerfield said the goal is to not only educate, but ease any fears people may have about the virus and being tested for it.

“We are following the best practices, which is CDC guidelines, we are following those facts and following the experts and we are following through on what their protocols are for what to do,” Dangerfield said.

City officials are encouraging people take these lessons with them going forward. Mayor Joe Blankenship said the city of Hinton is not fully shutting down, but businesses are now encouraged to have a plan of action.

“Get a plan. Each individual business or entity get a plan on what to do and how to combat this virus,” Blankenship said.

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