BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)– With the fast-spreading Omicron variant wreaking havoc on the country, more people have chosen to test their symptoms at home.

These at-home tests are an easy way to give you peace of mind or know if you should take your symptoms more seriously. While these tests are fairly reliable, they aren’t perfect.  In fact, according to Dr. Richard Wiseman a physician at Beckley ARH, they have a 12 percent inaccuracy rating.

So if you tested positive at home, here’s what local doctors say you should do.

“If you have a positive at-home test I would call your physician to set up a PCR test which is the gold standard to confirm it,” said Dr. Wiseman.

Dr. Wiseman also said to only go to the Emergency room if your symptoms become severe. He said to utilize testing locations outside of the hospital so they do not become even more overwhelmed with testing and emergencies.