Health Department pushes hand hygiene for grocery store visits

Grocery Store

BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) – There is still a lot to learn about COVID-19, but right now the CDC has a few guidelines when it comes to handling food.

The virus is generally thought to be spread from person to person through respiratory droplets. There is currently no evidence to support the virus transmitting through food.

The CDC suggests washing your hands with soap and water before handling food at home, but what about when you’re at the grocery store? Director of Nursing at the Beckley-Raleigh County Health Department, Candance Hurd, says good hand hygiene is key.

“When you go grocery shopping, [make] certain that you wipe down the shopping cart and also once you package your stuff up and get in the car… use that hand sanitizer,” Hurd said. “When you get home, it’s not normally thought that the virus is going to stay on a surface for any length of time, certainly like packages of food products or things, but after you handle those, it’s always important that you do good hand hygiene.”

COVID-19 has poor survivability on surfaces and there is likely very low risk of spreading on food products or packaging. Also, when at the grocery store, it’s important not to touch your mouth, nose, eyes, or even cell phone until you’ve washed your hands.

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