CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) – The nations latest studies show that chronic health conditions in Millennials are exceeding all older generations.

According to the America’s Health Rankings report, multiple chronic conditions among adults rose 5% in West Virginia from 2020 to 2021. This trend is also mirrored nationwide is disproportionately affecting the world’s largest living generation and changing the way people manage their health care needs and medical insurance. 

The latest study by UnitedHealthcare and the Health Action Council found that millennials are exceeding all older generations in chronic health conditions and overall burden to the system. The white paper reveals that those aged 27-42 depend more on the health care system, and in turn are faced with higher medical expenses, far exceeding even their closest Gen X counterparts with:

  • Diabetes – 106% more hospital admissions
  • Hypertension – 55% more emergency room and urgent care visits
  • Obesity – 31% more ER/UC visits and 29% more hospital admissions
  • Back disorders – 22% higher ER/UC visits, 46% higher admissions
  • Osteoarthritis – 36% higher ER/UC visits

In this sixth annual white paper, Health Action Council and UnitedHealth Group explored
a range of factors and claims data from UnitedHealthcare, UMR and Optum that may impact the health of Millennials and their children. The cohort represents 126,000
individuals or 38% of Health Action Council covered lives.

The findings foretell a much higher future spend than anticipated and suggest that employers should consider adjusting plans to manage high-cost claimants and find ways to promote healthy lifestyle changes. You can read the full white paper here.