BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) – As Autumn ‘falls’ upon us, the cold and flu season is not far behind.

Most “secrets” to keeping healthy are not secrets at all, but common sense.  Cold and Flu numbers spike in the fall and winter seasons, especially during the holidays.

Viruses travel faster in enclosed areas, so social gatherings help them spread.

Jessie Kessler is the Director of Emergency and Trauma services for Raleigh County General Hospital. 

Kessler says there are many reasons this season helps the spread of viruses.

“It tends to peak during the fall and wintertime, because people are coming back inside. The weather is cooling off, we aren’t going outside as much. So we’re staying outside. We are staying around each other for longer periods of time. At work and at home,” said Kessler.

Staff at Raleigh General Hospital added other ways to prevent illnesses include keeping a balanced diet, avoid touching your face, and managing stress.

There are also quick and easy tips to staying healthy that you can use at any time.

“Preventative measure to mitigate flu, Covid, the common cold, are obviously hand washing, vaccinations, and not coming into contact with those who you know have symptoms,” added Kessler.