CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — The number of Americans living with diabetes is on the rise, especially in the state of West Virginia.

This month of November is National Diabetes Month and to help bring awareness, QuoteWizard compiled data on the increased costs of insulin, the number of diabetics in each state, and the average diabetic healthcare costs, highlighting the Mountain State.

Key findings for West Virginia are as followed:

  • 16 percent of West Virginians have diabetes
  • The average insulin cost per year is $551
  • The average diabetic’s healthcare costs are $6,155
Courtesy: QuoteWizard

The number of diabetics in West Virginia increased by 33 percent over the past decade, making that the highest increase nationwide. From 7 percent of people in Colorado to 16 percent of people in West Virginia, the number of people living with diabetes varies from state to state. Almost every state is beginning to see even a small increase in the percentage of diabetics in their state.

The cost of insulin is also rising in almost every state. From 2012 to 2017, the direct medical cost for diabetes went from $245 billion to $327 billion a year. On average, diabetics spend more than $6,700 a year on medical care, which is twice as much as non-diabetics. This is why the average insulin cost for the mountain state is approximately $551 per year.

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