CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — The search for the popular drug Ozempic is so frequent that West Virginia Google searches for “get Ozempic online” increased significantly by 766% in the last month.

But why is the Mountain State googling it so much? The following are key findings according to a study from

Study Highlights:

  • West Virginia ranks third among all states searching for Ozempic online, which is nearly 8.7 percent of the state’s population, outranking Kentucky by 20 percent.
  • West Virginia ranks #6 in the US for Wegovy searches, an Ozempic competitor and increasingly popular weight loss drug.
  • 52 percent of Americans with diabetes say it’s harder to find medication due to recent interest in drugs like Ozempic for weight loss.

Other Key Findings:

  • 15 percent of Americans have personally used Ozempic for weight loss, while 47 percent know someone who has. 
  • 70 percent of Americans say they could not afford to take Ozempic for weight loss.

Out of nearly a quarter of the Americans that were surveyed, about 22 percent requested from their doctor to use the medication for weight loss.

Social media has played a big part in inspiring some to request it.

According to the study, it was about 24 percent, while 41 percent said it was from a doctor’s recommendation. Due to Ozempic’s sudden popularity, it has made it more difficult for over half Americans struggling with diabetes to obtain the drug they desperately need.

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