Isolation during COVID-19 pandemic taking a toll on older generation


BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Isolation is hard on everyone, but it is taking more of a toll on the older generation.

The Raleigh County Commission on Aging is normally a busy place where senior citizens can gather together. Ever since the start of the pandemic, employees are having to do things differently. From delivering meals to checking in on people, the Commission on Aging is doing everything it can to help senior citizens cope with the isolation.

Jack Tanner, the Executive Director at the Raleigh County Commission on Aging, said being alone during the pandemic is hard on the older generation.

“The pandemic, the isolation, the fear that it’s creating is taking a mental and physical toll that we really can’t measure,” Tanner explained.

Since the pandemic began four months ago, Tanner said they have already lost 14 members of their community. He also said they have never experienced that kind of loss in such short amount of a time.

“As we’re making our phone calls each day and asking how are ya, they’ll talk and they’ll talk, and then they will end the conversation with thank you, thank you for calling me, thank you for being someone who is interested in what’s going on,” Tanner said

Tanner told 59News the most important thing you can do in these trying times is be there for each other. He said to check in on your neighbors when you can.

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